Hello and welcome!

I’m Gaëlle. After years of having travelling plans in the back of my mind and wondering if the grass was truly greener elsewhere, in 2016 I decided to set off on a trip around the world, focusing on Asia, South America and Australasia.

Until then, my experience of travelling had been limited to budget holidays in Europe, family trips to consistently English-speaking countries and nice little Airbnb city breaks. And that one time I stayed in a hostel in Dublin. Needless to say, this is going to be an interesting experience.

I created this blog both as a public account of my travels for my family and friends to know what I’m up to, and as a personal diary of the weird and wonderful stuff I expect this trip to throw at me (and also, as a follow up to my previous blog, Adventures of a Frogsbif, which followed my first big adventure as I moved from France to London for university).

I’ve been calling Auckland home for the past two years, and working in the hospitality industry. In my previous life, I worked as a journalist whose free time (and working hours, as of my last job at Imbibe) was spent eating and drinking my way around London.

Got any questions? I’ve answered the biggie below. Otherwise, you can send me a message via Instagram or a tweet.

What is a ‘frogsbif’?
I am notoriously bad at giving things titles. When it came to naming my first blog, I couldn’t think of a damn thing. Then my friend Enora suggested using the word frogsbif, from the association of ‘frog’ – for what the Brits call the French – and ‘rosbif’ – for what the French call the Brits. Yes, that’s not how you spell the word in English, I know. But the French do actually use the word bifteck. Not kidding.