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  • Snapshots: The Coromandel Peninsula

    The Coromandel Peninsula is pretty much the closest weekend getaway from Auckland. Less than three hours’ drive and you’ll find yourself dipping your toes in the ocean while admiring Cathedral Cove, patting pigs on road 309, straining your neck trying to glimpse the top of kauri trees, or watching the sunset on Whitianga beach. Not […]

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  • Mexico: Stories from its ruins

    Mexico is a country that takes pride in preserving its ruins, because they tell so much about its history. The nation of Mexico was built overtime at the crossroads where various civilisations lived, grew, met, fought – and ultimately, were taken over by the Hispanics. But there is so much evidence of the lives of […]

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  • Mexico: Urban stories

    My first impression of Mexico City was 100% pure backpacker material. I’d just spent a few days in Lima, lying by the beach and recharging my normal-human batteries with fancy restaurants and big supermarkets. Then I got to Mexico City and decided to walk from the airport to the nearest underground station. Cue a confusing […]

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  • A day on la Isla del Sol

    So… I’m still here! Moving to Auckland and settling in a new city turned out to take a lot more of my time than I had expected. The plan was to work a lot, which I’m doing, and to blog a lot. Well, I’m halfway there, I guess! I’ve started discovering bits of New Zealand […]